Understanding Islam

In this lecture, we will discuss the most important topic of the world that is Religion. It was, is and will be the most important topic in the world. Islam is not new religion in West. It is here from 900 years ago. When Islam first emerged in Arabia during the mid-seventh century, there was little indication that within 150 years the movement would come to dominate the entire Middle East, as well as northern Africa and Spain. In Europe, people were stopped o listens Muslim Preachers as kufaar said people not to listen our beloved “HOLY PROPHET “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD” S.A.W.W (PBUH)”. But every person who listened to our beloved “HOLY PROPHET “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD” S.A.W.W (PBUH)” came to known that HE is true. Same was the case in Europe; people listen to Islamic preachers and found the truth.

Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu
Young Muslim Australia

2011 04 29 2003 41 Fri 576p


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