Three Beautiful AHADEES-E-NABVI (S.A.A.W)

Three most beautiful and full of information AHADESS-E-NABVI (S.A.A.W) are discussed. In first HADESS-E-NABVI (S.A.A.W), our “HOLY PROPHET “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD” S.A.W.W (PBUH)” said that a “Muslim that wakes up in the morning after sleep in a state that he has nothing to do with “ALLAH”, he is not a proper true Muslim, similarly when a Muslims wakes up having nothing in his heart for his fellow Muslims (no love and help for solving the problems of other Muslims, etc), he will not be regarded as Muslim”. In second HADESS-E-NABVI (S.A.A.W), our “HOLY PROPHET “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD” S.A.W.W (PBUH)” said” If a person even lives amongst Muslims and his heart beats for non-Muslims, then he is one of them (non-Msulims)”. In third HADESS-E-NABVI (S.A.A.W), our “HOLY PROPHET “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD” S.A.W.W (PBUH)” said “The people of innovation who invent religion in order to feel good for and try to impose it on others they are the dogs of Jahannam, fire of Jahannam”.

Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu
Young Muslim Australia

2011 09 16 2002 52 Fri 576p


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