Importance of Islamic Knowledge

In this lecture, we talk about giving importance to something that completes our faith. Knowledge of Islam. Once we get to understand the details of Islam, we can practice the religion with perfection. The Ahadith of the prophet also claim that one cannot practice Islam with ignorance Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu Young Muslim Australia 2011 04 […]

Fiqr of Deen

In this lecture, we will be talking about the concept of fikr of deen. Fikr is a feeling in the heart if a Muslim to find solution to problems in the light of Islam. It is the constant worry in the heart of a Muslim that helps them stay away from what is prohibited in […]

Islam, the misunderstood religion (part 2)

In this lecture, we will talk about the two real enemies of ISLAM, our DEEN. One is the real enemies of ISLAM and the second one is ignorance of JIHAD. We are totally involved and enjoying the love for this world and have ignored preparation for next world. We should tell the world about misconceptions […]

Najwah, Sadaqah and Ikhlas

In this lecture, we talk about the concepts of Najawah, Sadaqah and Ikhlas. These are some of the concepts taught to us by the prophet throughout his life and are very important for a Muslim to understand and follow. These help one to come closer to Allah and to Islam Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu Young Muslim […]

This difficulty of the Life in this World

In this lecture, we will talk about the disastrous world that we live in. we are subject to many prohibited things that our eyes might see or our ears might hear. we need to learn to steer clear of such situations so to avoid the calamities of the dunya Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu Young Muslim Australia […]

Haram is injurious to Health

In this lecture, we will learn about haram food and which food is haram. Muslims are enjoined by their religion to abstain from eating certain foods. This is in the interest of health and cleanliness, and in obedience to ALMIGHTY “ALLAH”. All foods that are haram are injurious to our health. The opposite of Halal […]

Stautus of Knowledge Seekers

In this lecture, we will discuss the person who learns, seeks teachings of ISLAM and apply them is the person that is most loved by ALMIGHTY “ALLAH”. We know that every disease and every failure lies due to JAHALAT. We should learn our DEEN and practice it, this will open the way of success for […]

Protection from Shaytan – Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu

In this lecture, we discuss the ways by which Shaytan uses his techniques to make us go away from the teachings of Islam. We often find ourselves in situations where we, without thinking, blame Allah for something that may have happened or disobey the command of Allah. In such situations, it is Shaytan who is […]


In this lecture, we will discuss Shaitan. ALMIGHTY “ALLAH” created Shaitan before Human from smokeless fire. He is worse enemy oh humans especially Humans. Jins were killedby Ibless and an army of Angels to kill all jins at earth, because they killed all Messengers of ALMIGHTY “ALLAH”. Afterward, Iblees not made Sajda to HAZRAT ADAM […]

Concern for other Muslims

In this lecture, we will talk about the love, care and concern a Muslim must show towards other Muslims. Even the smallest thing that the Islamic scriptures teach us has a rationale behind it. The brotherhood – you may be from different corners of the world, but if you meet a fellow Muslim, he is […]