Fear of Allah

In this lecture, we discuss about abstinence in terms of avoiding it because of fear of Allah. It is a fact that Allah knows every act that we do. the Malaika ae recording every details of our lives and everything is written down. these acts will be exposed on the day of judgment. therefore, we […]

Fiqr of Deen

In this lecture, we will be talking about the concept of fikr of deen. Fikr is a feeling in the heart if a Muslim to find solution to problems in the light of Islam. It is the constant worry in the heart of a Muslim that helps them stay away from what is prohibited in […]

Fullfilling you duties towards the community

In this lecture, we will be talking about society as a whole. Allah has explained in the Quran and through his prophet that a Muslim, apart from having duties towards Allah and one’s parents, he also has duties towards slaves, relatives, and the community. Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu Young Muslim Australia 2009 07 21 1405 12 […]

Gaining the pleasure of Allah

In this lecture, we talk about the 3 main attributes that a Muslim can have which will earn the pleasure of Allah. The pleasure of Allah is the greatest deed a muslim can do because this pleasure results to the rewards Muslim get in eternity Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu Young Muslim Australia Friday 2018-03-09 source Share […]


In this lecture, we will learn about Ghusal. Purification is of paramount importance to Muslims as it is a pre-requisite to performing most of the worships in Islam like for example Salat (prayer) and fasting. Ghusl may be waajib (obligatory) or it may be sunnah and mustahabb. Cases in which ghusl is required according to consensus: Emission […]

Gratitude towards ALMIGHTY “ALLAH”

Gratitude is not only the heart and essence of Islam; it is also the key to attracting abundance, prosperity, peace, and success in one’s life. We can say that Gratitude and Shukr are the most important aspects of Islam. We as a Muslims should always thankful to ALMIGHTY “ALLAH” for all the blessings that given […]


In this lecture, we will learn about Hajj. Hajj is one of most important pillars of Islam and it is one of greatest religious duties. The Hajj is the ultimate form of worship, as it involves the spirit of all the other rituals and demands of the believer great sacrifice. We have made Hajj, a […]

Halal Earnings

“The truthful and honest merchant is associated with the Prophets, the upright and the martyrs” (Al-Tirmidhi). “ALMIGHTY “ALLAH” shows mercy to a person who is kindly when he sells, when he buys and when he makes a claim” (Al-Bukhari). Moral values, ethics, honesty, and fairness in all dealings is preached in Islam. There are rules […]

Halal Food Part-1

Halal means lawful, and halal food are food items and drinks prepared under strict Muslim dietary laws. In general every food is considered halal in Islam unless it is specially prohibited by the QURAN or the HADEES-E-NABVI (S.A.A.W) . By official definition, halal foods are those that are free from any component that Muslims are […]

Halal Food Part-2

In this lecture, we will discuss about halal food and learn how to determine what is halal and haram. There are two types of food, pure/halal and impure/haram. We must consume those foods that are halal and keep ourselves away from foods. We will try to focus on hill foods, plants and especially animals known […]