The Importance of Taqwa (Part 3)

In this lecture, we ponder over the importance of Taqwa in the lives of the Muslims. The prophet, in his Ahadith, claims that Taqwa is what completes a Muslim’s Eeman. It is also important to always be in the state of Taqwa because Islam is about being consistent in our faith. Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu Young […]

Islam emphasizes on Practice

In this lecture, we will discuss that ISLAM put theories in to practice. We should apply the ISLAMIC theories in to practice to become successful in our lives. Remember, ISLAM is separate from Muslims. Islam gives theory for every aspect of live and we can succeed by applying those theories in to practice. We offer […]

Three Beautiful AHADEES-E-NABVI (S.A.A.W)

Three most beautiful and full of information AHADESS-E-NABVI (S.A.A.W) are discussed. In first HADESS-E-NABVI (S.A.A.W), our “HOLY PROPHET “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD” S.A.W.W (PBUH)” said that a “Muslim that wakes up in the morning after sleep in a state that he has nothing to do with “ALLAH”, he is not a proper true Muslim, similarly when a […]

The People of Jannah – Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu

In this lecture, we will talk about the qualities of those people who will be promised Jannah. As we know, attaining Jannah is the ultimate reward for every Muslim being and to attain Jannah, we must first earn the blessings of Allah. Here, we discuss some of the habits we can follow to be part […]

Understanding Islam

In this lecture, we will discuss the most important topic of the world that is Religion. It was, is and will be the most important topic in the world. Islam is not new religion in West. It is here from 900 years ago. When Islam first emerged in Arabia during the mid-seventh century, there was […]

Gratitude towards ALMIGHTY “ALLAH”

Gratitude is not only the heart and essence of Islam; it is also the key to attracting abundance, prosperity, peace, and success in one’s life. We can say that Gratitude and Shukr are the most important aspects of Islam. We as a Muslims should always thankful to ALMIGHTY “ALLAH” for all the blessings that given […]

Reciting QURAN

The Quran is a Book of guidance (2:185). It should be read with understanding (47:24, 38:29). One should reflect on its meanings and relate its guidance to everyday life situations. If one does not understand the original Arabic, then they can always read the translation.  Our beloved “HOLY PROPHET “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD” S.A.W.W (PBUH)” said “The […]

Satisfisfaction of our Nafs (part 1)

In this lecture, we will discuss the theory of Nafs and its satisfaction. Our Nafs is a very complicated thing to handle because we have to stay away from many things prescribed as unlawful in islam. It is our duty to make it satisfied with what Allah has provided us as everything we receive is […]

True Meaning of Iman

In this lecture, it will be discussed that a person having doubts about ALMIGHTY “ALLAH”, our beloved “HOLY PROPHET “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD” S.A.W.W (PBUH)” and teachings of ISLAM, cannot be regarded as Muslim or Momin. A person who has no doubt and ALMIGHTY “ALLAH” grants him an opportunity to recall KALMA at time of death; he […]


Practicing Islam inwardly and outwardly is a lifetime process, an obligation due to every Muslim. The core part of purification of the self and its importance in Islam: Akhlaq. Being Muslim it is our obligation to take after the Sunnah of the “HOLY PROPHET “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD” S.A.W.W (PBUH)” and endeavor to demonstrate great Akhlaq towards all individuals regardless […]