Spirtual diseas and good deeds

In this lecture, we will discuss several AHADEES NABVI (S.A.A.W) about spiritual diseases that lie in us like hasad, etc. We can say that when we perform good deeds for the sake of ALMIGHTY “ALLAH”then we will get Paradise as a reward. Therefore, the committing of good deeds actually stands for a person making his or her life better and it also helps Muslims to become closer to ALMIGHTY “ALLAH”. Islam is the religion of society it expects from its followers to develop a society where every individual work towards helping and taking care of each other and where everyone should do good deeds for the sake of ALMIGHTY “ALLAH”. Wrong deeds and sins will lead to jahanam.

Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu
Young Muslim Australia

Yma Usrah 160218


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