It is clearly said in the Quran that the basic purpose of life is to worship ALMIGHTY “ALLAH”. There are different ways to worship Allah, but Salah is the most important. Prayer is the connection between ALMIGHTY “ALLAH” and his servant. Muslims perform five daily prayers as it is an obligation. They are in a direct contact with ALMIGHTY “ALLAH” without the need of any intermediary at Muslim prayer times. 5 Time Prayers Will Make You More Blessed by the Allah Almighty. Salah is an Arabic word, its basic meaning is praying or worship. Every Muslim has an obligation to perform five times prayers in a day. Through Salah, one can communicate directly with ALMIGHTY “ALLAH”. Additionally, it restrains the person from the bad habits and evil deeds of our beloved “HOLY PROPHET “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD” S.A.W.W (PBUH)” also emphasize the importance of prayers for the Muslims. In HIS Hadith, HE mentions that the key to heaven is Salah.

Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu
Young Muslim Australia

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