Knowledge about QURAN-E-PAAK

In this lecture, Information about QURAN will be discussed. There are two types of Ayats, that is Mahkum and Mutashabihat. Our beloved “HOLY PROPHET “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD” S.A.W.W (PBUH)” arranged Ayats of Suraahs by HIMSELF. Surat-ul-Bukra is largest, while Surat-ul-Asar is the smallest Suraah of the QURAN-E-PAAK. There are Suraah that are on the names of animals but thet are named because of some logic behind, like Suraah Bakra, Bakra means cow. It was named, because Qoam-e-Mosa started worshiping a baby of cow.

Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu
Young Muslim Australia

2012 06 01 2003 54 Fri Quran pt2 576p


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