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In this lecture, Ustadh Mahmud goes through this saying from Munabbihat, the counsels of six.

Whoever acquires six qualities will enter Paradise and will be saved from the Hell- fire.

These are:

(1) a person who came to know Allah (ma’rifah) and thus obeyed Him

(2) a person who learnt about Satan and thus disobeyed Satan

(3) a person who came to know about akhira (hereafter) and he sought it

(4) a person who came to know the true nature of this dunya and thus rejected it

(5) a person who came to know the truth of Allah s.w.t and followed it

(6) a person who came to know falsehood and stayed away from it

– Ali (k.a)

Ustadh Mahmud continues explaining the second quality in great detail.  He explains the methods that Shaytan (Satan) uses to deceive human beings into thinking that evil is good. He then shares the various ways we can seek refuge from Shaytan, the accursed.

Ustadh Mahmud also covers the interesting conversation between Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Shaytan, during which Shaytan was commanded by Allah s.w.t to speak the truth and answer every question. Listen to learn how we can be saved from the accursed Shaytan and be obedient servants of Allah s.w.t.




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