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In this lecture, Ustadh Mahmud goes through these sayings from Munabbihat, the counsels of six.

Counsel 1:

A believer is always surrounded by six fears:

(1) fear of Allah, the exalted, that he might lose his faith (iman) (for having done something which may not have been right)

(2) fear of the two recording angels that they have recorded something that will expose him on the Day of Judgment to the rest of the people

(3) fear that Satan will render his actions void (by enticing him into committing sin)

(4) fear of the angel of death that he would come to take his soul when he is in a state of heedlessness

(5) fear that this world (dunya) will delude him and make him work for other than the hereafter

(6) fear about his family members that their company will preoccupy him much that he neglects the remembrance of Allah s.w.t

– Uthman (r.a)

Counsel 2:

Whoever acquires six qualities will enter Paradise and will be saved from the Hell- fire. These are:

(1) a person who came to know Allah (ma’rifah) and thus obeyed Him

(2) a person who learnt about Satan and thus disobeyed Satan

(3) a person who came to know about akhira (hereafter) and he sought it

(4) a person who came to know the true nature of this dunya and thus rejected it

(5) a person who came to know the truth of Allah s.w.t and followed it

(6) a person who came to know falsehood and stayed away from it

– Ali (k.a)

Counsel 3:

There are six blessings upon a Muslim. These are:

(1) Islam

(2) Quran

(3) Muhammad (s.a.w), the Messenger of Allah

(4) Well being (‘Afiyah)

(5) Covering of one’s sins

(6) Self sufficiency (Not being dependent on people)

– Ali (k.a)

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