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In this lecture, Ustadh Mahmud goes through these sayings from Munabbihat, the counsels of five.

Counsel 1:
The signs of those people who fear Allah (muttaqin) are five.
(1) They only associate with those people with whom their religion remains intact.
(2) They excel in subduing their modesty and tongues.
(3) When they are privileged with too much bounties of this world, they consider such to be means of affliction
for them (in the Next world), while when they find their minor religious deeds to have been accepted, they
consider such to be exceptional.
(4) They do not fill their stomachs (even) with halal (permitted) food fearing that anything haram (forbidden)
might be mixed with it.
(5) They consider themselves ruined while the rest of the people to have earned salvation. – ‘Uthman r.a

Counsel 2:
Every person would have been counted as a righteous person had it not been for five defects in their characters.
These are:
(1) apathy towards one's own ignorance
(2) worldly love
(3) miserliness even when blessed (with wealth and properties)
(4) self- adulation while doing good deeds
(5) boasting of one's own intelligence  – 'Ali k.a

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