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Topic: Munabbihat – The Counsels of 6 (Part 19) Importance of having contentment

In this lecture, Ustadh Mahmud goes through this saying from Munabbihat, the counsels of six.

Six things cause the hearts to become rotten:

(1) They sin with the hope of making tawbah (repentance) afterwards

(2) They seek Islamic knowledge but do not act upon it

(3) If they act upon their Islamic knowledge, they are insincere in doing the actions

(4) They enjoy the provisions (rizk) provided by Allah but they do not make shukr (express gratitude)

(5) They are not content about their Qadar (decree of Allah)

(6) They bury their loved ones but they don’t take heed

– Hassan al- Basri

Ustadh Mahmud continues to explain the concept of contentment in great detail.

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