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In this lecture, Ustadh Mahmud goes through these sayings from Munabbihat, the counsels of four.

Counsel 1:
A wise man said “Four things are waiting to seize the bani Adam:
(1) The angel of death waiting to seize his soul
(2) His heirs waiting to seize his wealth
(3) The worms and insects waiting to seize his body (in the grave)
(4) The people he has wronged in this world waiting to seize their rights on the Day of Judgement
(for whatever he owed them).”

Counsel 2:
A wise man said,
(1) He who preoccupies his thoughts with women will eventually fall into haram (due to his lust).
(2) He who preoccupies himself with collecting wealth, a time will come when he will have haram earnings.
(3) He who preoccupies himself to bring benefit to the Muslim community must have good character.
(4) He who preoccupies himself with worship (of Allah) must have knowledge.

Counsel 3:
Of all deeds four are very difficult to perform:
(1) Forgiveness in the state of anger
(2) Generosity in the state of poverty
(3) Chastity while in seclusion
(4) To speak the truth in front of someone who one fears or whom one hopes to get some benefit out of. – ‘Ali

Counsel 4:
Allah revealed to Dawud (a.s) through His book Zabur (Psalms), “An intelligent man should divide his time into four parts:
(1) One part should be dedicated to worshipping Allah.
(2) One part should be dedicated to accounting for his own deeds.
(3) One part should be dedicated to spending time in the companionship of his brethren
who will remind him of his hereafter and assist him in rectifying his faults.
(4) One part should be dedicated to spending time with your halal.” 

Counsel 5:
A wise man said, “A person’s worship is in four things:
(1) Keeping your promise
(2) Abiding by the limits of the law (of Shari’ah)
(3) To be patient when something is lost
(4) Being content with whatever little one has.”

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