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Topic: Munabbihat – The Counsels of 6 (Part 8) Importance of knowing our enemy, Shaytan

In this lecture, Ustadh Mahmud goes through this saying from Munabbihat, the counsels of six.

Counsel 1:

Whoever acquires six qualities will enter Paradise and will be saved from the Hell- fire. These are:

(1) a person who came to know Allah (ma’rifah) and thus obeyed Him

(2) a person who learnt about Satan and thus disobeyed Satan

(3) a person who came to know about akhira (hereafter) and he sought it

(4) a person who came to know the true nature of this dunya and thus rejected it

(5) a person who came to know the truth of Allah s.w.t and followed it

(6) a person who came to know falsehood and stayed away from it

– Ali (k.a)

Ustadh Mahmud explains to us about Satan, the accursed so that we know how to protect ourselves from our enemy.

Every morning Satan asks me three questions:

(1) What will you eat

(2) What will you wear

(3) Where will you live today

In reply I tell him:

(1) I shall eat death

(2) wear the burial shroud

(3) live in the grave

– Hatim al- Assam (r.a)

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