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Topic: Munabbihat – The Counsels of 6 (Part 15) Importance of purifying our heart

Ustadh Mahmud reminds us to continue to struggle to change ourselves and persist in our worship to Allah s.w.t. He explains the importance of purifying the condition of our heart and constantly checking our relationship with Allah s.w.t.

What are the three things we continuously need to struggle with in order to come close to Allah s.w.t? In this video, Ustadh Mahmud A. Kürkçü answers this essential question and more as he explains the importance of making effort to change ourselves to come to close to our creator, Allah s.w.t.

Ustadh Mahmud also goes through this saying from Munabbihat, the counsels of six.

A wise man said

(1) He who does not fear Allah will not be saved from the calamities of the tongue

(2) He who does not fear meeting Allah on the day of Judgment will be not be saved from the forbidden (haram) and doubtful things

(3) He who does not break off his dependence on creatures will not be saved from greed

(4) He who does not safeguard his sincerity in his actions will not be saved from showing off (riya)

(5) He who does not seek the help of Allah in guarding his heart, will not be saved from envy (hasad)

(6) He who does not look to those who are better than him in knowledge and in ibadah (worship) will not be able to save himself from self- conceit


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