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In this lecture, Ustadh Mahmud goes through this saying from Munabbihat, the counsels of six.

Abu Bakr (r.a) says:

Iblis (Satan) is standing right in front of you.

Your nafs (carnal self) is on your right and hawa’ (whims, wishes, desires) is on your left.

Your dunya (this material world) is behind you.

Your limbs and senses are around you.

Allah the Almighty is watching you, through His power and not by occupation of place, is above you.

The accursed Satan  is constantly asking you to leave your religion.

Your nafs is asking you to disobey Allah s.w.t.

Your hawa is constantly asking you to fulfill you desires and temptations.

The dunya calls you to choose it over the akhira (hereafter).

Your limbs and senses call you towards sin.

And the Almighty, Allah s.w.t is calling you to Jannah (paradise) and his forgiveness just as the Quran (2:221) says: “And Allah invites you to Jannah and maghfirah (forgiveness).”

The one who  responds to Iblis (Satan) will definitely lose his deen (religion).

The one who responds to his nafsul ammarah will lose his ruh (soul).

The one who responds to his hawa (desires) will lose his intellect.

The one who responds to his dunya (worldliness) will lose his akhirah.

The one who responds to his limbs and senses will lose his Jannah.

And the one who responds to the invitation of Allah the exalted, will lose all his sins and acquire all types of goodness both in this world and the hereafter.




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