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In this lecture, Ustadh Mahmud goes through these sayings from Munabbihat, the counsels of five.

Counsel 1:
One should value five things in life before five other things:
(1) Youth before old age
(2) Health before sickness
(3) Wealth before poverty
(4) Life before death
(5) Free time before work
– Muhammad (s.a.w)

Counsel 2:
(1)	He whose appetite increases, his corpulence will increase.
(2)	He whose corpulence increases, his desires for worldly things will also increase
(3)	He whose desires increase, his sins will also increase
(4)	He whose sins increase, the hardness of his heart will increase
(5)	He whose heart becomes hardened will drown himself into this world and its ornaments
– Yahya bin Mu’adh al- Razi

Counsel 3:
The poor have accepted five things and the wealthy (another) five things.
The things which the poor accepted are:
(1)	Peace of mind
(2)	Generosity of heart
(3)	Obedience to God
(4)	Easy accounting (on the Day of Judgement)
(5)	Exalted positions in the Next World

The things that the wealthy people accepted are:
(1)	Restless minds
(2)	Busy hearts (in worldly affairs)
(3)	Worldliness (worship of the dunya)
(4)	Difficult accountings (on the Day of Judgement)
(5)	The lowest rankings (in the Next World).
– Sufyan al Thawri

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