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In this lecture, Ustadh Mahmud goes through these sayings from Munabbihat, the counsels of five.

Counsel 1:

An Arab poet:

“O you who seek the hand of this dunya in marriage! Know that she has a new lover everyday. She takes a husband now, yet gives herself at the same time to another elsewhere. She only accepts lovers so that she may kill them in her bosom one by one. I have been fooled, my friend and the affliction is spreading in my body little by little, killing me slowly, slowly. Ready yourself and take provisions for death for the herald has called: Its time to leave! Its time to leave!”

Counsel 2:

Hastiness is from Satan except in five matters which are sunnah of Rasulullah (s.a.w). These are:

(1) feeding the guests as soon as possible

(2) preparing the deceased for burial when he dies

(3) marrying off the daughters when they reach the age of maturity

(4) paying off the debt as soon as possible

(5) repenting for the sins committed as soon as possible – Hatim al- Assam

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