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In this lecture, Ustadh Mahmud goes through these sayings from Munabbihat, the counsels of four.

Counsel 1:
A wise man said, “There are four signs of a man’s iman (faith):
(1) taqwa (fear of God)
(2) haya’ (shyness, modesty)
(3) shukr (thankfulness)
(4) sabr (patience and steadfastness).”

Counsel 2:
Mothers are four.
(1) Eating less is the mother of all cures (ummul ‘adwiyah).
(2) Speaking less is the mother of good manners (ummul adab).
(3) Avoiding sinful acts is the mother of worship (ummul ‘ibadah).
(4) Patience (sabr) is the mother of high aspirations (ummul amani).
– Muhammad (s.a.w)

Counsel 3:
There are four gems within the body of son of Adam that are removed by four things.
The gems - ‘aql, din, haya’ and ‘amal al salih- are removed by four other items. For example:
(1) ghadab (anger) removes ‘aql (intellect)
(2) hasad (envy) removes din (religion)
(3) tama’ (greed or high aspirations) removes haya’ (modesty and shyness)
(4) ghibah (backbiting and slandering) removes ‘amal al- salih (virtuous deeds). – Muhammad (s.a.w)


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