LED Cube 8x8x8 running on an Arduino

Original video clip:
Linkeded the dice approximately an Arduino to answer the unavoidable “does it deal with an arduino?” questions;-RRB-.

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  1. Hey guys I’m a hacks,pranks and how tos channel.
    You guys know how hard it can be to grow your channel so if you just check it out or
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  2. I can see this being refined and used as a three D monitor.
    This kind of framework no doubt if you could somehow obtain pixel size lights could be used as a three D monitor.
    Fantastic, keep up the progress.

    1. Я долго искал эту мелодию и нашёл её “Jonn Serrie – And With You 2”.
      Ха-ха, уже в описании она появилась )))


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