HUGE Lego train coal terminal fully automated by Arduino

Three Lego trains tons and dump at a huge Lego coal terminal. Every little thing is automated by Arduino.

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The trains can stop at 2 silos to pack coal right into their wagons. Next, they are parked at the train lawn. When the unload center is offered, a train will certainly be unloaded.

The unloading part is one of the most complex component of the framework: after arrival of the Lego train, pneumatically-driven cilinders will certainly press a conductor to the base of the wagons, where also a conductor lies. These conductors drive power which open a hatch in all-time low of the Lego coal wagon. The coal decline on a conveyor belt and also is transported with various other conveyor belts and also an excavator to the silos.

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The AlmightyArjen Youtube network has to do with Lego train relevant videos. I often automate Lego trains, or make a stop motion video or I simply configuration a substantial Lego train layout in the living room. Do you have (affordable) video clip suggestions? Please let me understand!

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    1. +Oliver Rooney You’re never too old to start (again) with Lego! For the record: I’m 35 years old 😉

  1. @Alex G the lights on the 60051 passenger train are high intensity red LEDs. I’ve connected them with some electronics to the 9V motor output. The red lights on the Horizon Express train are normal LEGO PF lighting with a transparent red brick in front of the lights.

    1. AlmightyArjen iiihjmnbvggvvvvfddxzaaaazsdfgrfeddssbkl”l


  2. I just gave this video the “thumbs up” number 6000. Great layout. Time, money and creativity will give some wonderful results!

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  3. Wow ive got to say this the most amazing thing i seen made out of legos its just so beautiful and brilliant the music is awesome
    How long did it take you to build this?

    1. Its Trance music, the best music in the world. Check out Cygnus X – Superstring (Rank 1 Remix) and Lange – Follow Me, you will love these songs.

  4. I like the choice of Trance music, better than all the other channels that use those NCS electro and dubstep stuff. Also, great project man, its amazing what you can do with the RPi.

  5. the coolest thing i have ever seen, and ive seen all Star Wars
    btw 0:58 there’s no way those two workers are safe, i dont care about the helmets
    lol 1:28 almost looks like Batman illegally riding a train, but its not a train!
    btw I thought advanced Lego sets already had motors and stuff, what are the things you can do with Arduino that you cant otherwise?

    1. Arduino and self built electronics are way cheaper than NXT parts. Next to that the Arduino platform is software-wise much more felxible and faster.

    1. Oh yes definitely. During the building process there were a lot of fails that needed to be fixed by making adjustments. After that, during commissioning again a lot of fails happened. I’ve made a video of those fails: sit back and enjoy 😉


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