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 “My hajj  experience with Sheikh Mahmud Kurkcu of Madina Prestige was best of my life . Before sacred journey i requested for special guidance. From the day we departed & my first step on Masjid Al – Haram Sheikh Mahmud was beside me guiding me through to the first glimpse of Kabah – Shareef and all the way through the rituals. What A  Great Experience of a Lifetime. May ALLAH  TALA  give Sheikh Mahmud Kurkcu  a long life & good health & INSHALLAH I will go on my Thir Hajj with Sheikh Mahmud of Madina Prestige in near future . Travel   FOOD   &  Accomadation was  5 STAR. Top quality service  . I highly recommend  MADINA PRESTIGE  & Sheikh Mahmud Kurkcu. His  knowledge  &  guidance through  HAJJ is unmatched.  Thankyou Madina Prestige & Sheikh Mahmud”

– Hajji Zahid Shafiq Anver

“Assalamu alaykum, back in November 2010 we embarked on our Hajj journey with Madina Prestige and it was absolutely wonderful. What made this sacred journey even more memorable was to have experienced this most significant event in a Muslims life under the guidance, experience and knowledge of Imam Mahmud Kurkcu. This made all the difference.”

– Osman Topal

“My family and I embarked on our journey to Hajj with Madina Prestige.  It was the most wonderful experience of my life.  There are no words to describe the emotions that are created when you look at Ka’ba for the first time.   Your heart and your face just light up.  Everything you have experienced is something you keep with you for the rest of life.  Patience and calmness just take over and every little stage of your journey gives you fulfilment.  The experience and knowledge of Madina Prestige group really showed.  By the grace of Allah Ta’ala my family and I were able to visit the holy cities Makkah and Madina, insha’Allah we will be given the opportunity to go again.”

– Filiz

“The Hajj is no doubt the most significant life experience of a Muslim, besides birth, marriage and death. Significant life experiences usually require careful preparation and sacrifices to ensure the event is successful and memorable. One’s journey to the Sacred House of Allah deserves the utmost in terms of spriritual and physical preparation.
I have to admit, having been a traveller with Madina Prestige, it was very clear that this group and it’s leader, go to great lengths to ensure not just a smooth experience for the pilgrim, but that the experience is a memorable one. Positive memorable experiences, which are mentally recalled later on, usually have the greatest spiritual impact. Ustaz Mahmud and the Madina Prestige team, during the Hajj journey took personal care of each and every pilgrim, ensuring all their comforts and needs were met so that one can focus solely on their internal spiritual relationship with their Creator.
Visits to sacred historical sites, regular daily classes, access to a personal advisor, presentations, explanations of each rite and personal daily homework on the trip, ensures that the effects of Hajj remain in one’s heart for a long time to come, after returning home.
I highly recommend Madina Prestige for any one who is looking for peace of mind and a quality Hajj journey.”

– A. Salhien

“Masha Allah I performed my Hajj with thee Medina Prestige under the guidance of Ustadh Mahmud. I found the tour extremely benificial with fantastice support and guidnace & explanations for each of the rites of the hajj & Ummrah which made it simple for people to follow. And also the zirayah was excellent & well explained & was extremely spiritually uplifting as many packages do not include the ziyarah.
I strongly recommend the Madina Prestige tour, & it is perfect for the true Ahle Sunnah Muslim as the group guides are firm in the Deen & aqidah and are very thorough, and ones money could not be better spent. Money is not of concern as the Hajj is your bank account for akheera. May Allah give me the Rizk so I can travel for Hajj with them again! Mabruk to all the Medina Prestige team.”

– Hj. Hesham Abu Shihabuddin Salam

“Just a quick note to encourage anyone who is considering going to Hajj this year, Look no further than Madina Prestige with Ust Mahmud. Elhamdulillah I had the honour of going with his group in 2009 and must say what an incredible journey it was….. Can’t thank the Madina Prestige team enough for the excellent effort you all put in to make the journey as special as you can for each and every person. May Allah SWT reward you all. InshaAllah my wife and I will also join you again next year. “

– Gokhan Ozcan

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