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It’s that time of the year again where the Young Muslims of Australia get together for their National Senior Muslim Youth Camp.
Alhamdulillah this year will be the 21st year for the Senior camp!

Who is it for?

Brothers & Sisters aged 16years+. It’s a life changing experience where you are guaranteed to meet lifelong friends and bond in an environment that is aimed to help you become a better Muslim or Muslimah.

As youth, we know how challenging it can sometimes be to a Muslim growing up in Australia, especially in summer. YMA Senior Youth Camp is your chance to get away and recharge your Iman in a friendly and Muhabbah filled atmosphere. All under the supervision of Ustadh Mahmud Kurkcu.

There are exciting activities, sports, competitions and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

Here’s what some participants have to say about the camp:

“The YMA Camps have been one of the biggest positive influences in my life. The Muhabbah and the atmosphere at the camps put love of the deen in your heart and helped me see the beauty of Islam in practice. Some of the closest friends I have, I met at the YMA Camps and even though we live in different cities, the bond we we’ve made at the camp stays strong. If you’re looking fro something special to do in your summer holidays, friends that insha Allah will last a lifetime and knowledge that benefits you now and in the hereafter then come to the YMA camp!.”  Br Abdul Rahman – Perth

“YMA camps create an environment that encourage the removal of bad habits and replacing them with better ones. I have benefited immensely from attending: increasing ones Islamic knowledge, acts of worship, and meeting people who are orientated in the same direction. Would highly recommended attending to all!”. Sister from Perth

Register early as limited spots available.

We look forward to seeing you at the camp insha Allah!

Check out our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Y.M.A.official

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