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Assalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Dear Brothers / Sisters in Islam

On behalf of SA’DAAT FOUNDATION Inc., I am pleased to invite you with your family and friends for the 3rd Annual Mawlid al Nabi (SAWS).

A gathering will be held at Eastbank Centre 70 Welsford Street Shepparton on Sunday 17th February from 4pm, to commemorate the Birth of Our Prophet (PBUH). This is the first of its kind in regional Victoria and in the Goulburn Valley Region where Local, interstate and overseas speakers will be highlighting the birth and talks will be given in Arabic, English, Urdu and Turkish on ‘Mercy to Mankind’ Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).

His eminence Imam Khalid Hussein Abdulla will be honouring this Event with his presence all the way from UK. Also, Islamic scholars from Melbourne and Sydney will be gracing this Event InshaAllah. Australia’s largest and the most famous Nasheed group Ahbab Al Mustafa from Sydney will be performing live Nasheeds using traditional Duff for the first time in Regional Australia.

Let us take this opportunity and teach our children the importance of honouring the birth of Our Prophet (SAWS) and instill in them the ‘Love and Respect towards our Beloved Prophet (SAWS)’.

The aim of this event is to develop love, peace and harmony between the multicultural communities by spreading the message of our prophet (SAWS); develop immense Love and utmost Respect towards our Prophet our Master (SAWS), (who always prayed for his Ummah) in every Muslim’s heart & mind and nurture these especially in the young kids who will be the next generation Muslims in this beautiful country, which Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon us.

By the grace of Almighty Allah (SWT) SA’DAAT FOUNDATION is trying its best to bring Islamic Educational Events apart from Cultural and recreational programs. I would be pleased if everyone can put up their hand and contribute in every possible way, i.e. Physically as volunteers, Financially to ease the burden and Spiritually by remembering in your gracious Du’aas; to reach and serve the Islamic community irrespective of Nationality, Language or Colour.

Please confirm your valuable presence before 5th February for catering purpose.

May Allah swt bless immensely each and everyone in your Family life, Health and Wealth with the waseela of our Dearest Prophet our Master Sayyidina Muhammad ur RasulAllah saws. Ameen

Barakallah feek


Your Brother in Islam

For more info on Imam Khalid Hussein from UK check out this link

and for more info on Ahbab Al Mustafa from Sydney

Hope to see everyone there!!

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