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Preparing for the Month of Ramadan [May 2018]

The Merits and importance of fasting. Ramadan is a month of retraining .It is a month with so many gifts that many people only thinks of the reward and forgets it’s purpose. HD video

To abstain from back-biting (Ghiybah) and malice.

20 . To abstain from back-biting (Ghiybah) and malice. 54 farain Hasan Al Basri

54 Faraid in Islam

54 Faraid in Islam by Imam Hasan al-Basri (rh) 1. To believe in the Oneness of Allah and to be constant in His remembrance (Dhikrullah). 2. To wear only Halal clothes. 3. To make Wudu when it is required. 4. To establish daily Salat. 5. To make Ghusl when it is required. 6. To believe […]