May 30, 2010, No Comments

By Mohamed Abdulhai

There’s a big difference between a need and a want,
and the more you get, the more you want.
And its these desires that build false ambitions,
false goals and aims that control your decisions.

From a bigger house to a nicer car,
its not enough if you become a star.
Obesity, sex, drugs and alcohol,
laziness and sleep while living off the dole.

We’re taught to live a balanced life,
yet the battle within has nothing alike.
I talk about a beast you see,
a beast that we must never set free.

For our carnal desires are a bottomless pit,
a dark, long tunnel that can never be lit,
this one-way tunnel i speak of has a beginning,
but surely, it has no ending.

Our true aim in life is to tame the beast,
and what we must do is learn at the least,
about the diseases that affect our heart,
the filthy habits that we must pull apart.
And for these inner problems we have special teachers,
just like doctors diagnose diseases,
a full fledged science has existed for centuries,
techniques, routines, prescriptions and medicines,
to shed light in the darkest of our tunnels,
and to guide us through our personal struggles.

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