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In some countries like Singapore, couples who wish to register their marriage are required to attend a marriage guidance course to make sure they are aware of their roles and responsibilities before entering this sacred union.

With the divorce rate escalating even in the Muslim communities across the world, including Australia, it is time for our teachers to educate Muslims more than ever about Marriage in Islam before they make this commitment.

Due to popular demand for a marriage course in Melbourne, the Young Muslims of Australia (YMA) is pleased to announce a 3-day course delivered by Ustadh Mahmud A. Kürkçü for those who are keen to complete half their Deen.(Click on the image for details).

The course prepares prospective couples with the Islamic knowledge base on Qur’an and Sunnah  and the important skills for home-making with the aim of ensuring that their marriage will be happy, blissful and everlasting, InshaAllah.

Topics which will be covered include:

  • Marriage in Islam & Mutual Rights
  • Adjustment In Marriage
  • Relationship Between Husband & Wife (Part 1& 2)
  • Decision-Making & Conflict Management
  • Management in Family Resources
  • Intimacy
  • Staying Married

Places are LIMITED, so make sure to books yours TODAY!


Br Hakan Oser – 0411 606 702

Sr Alanur Oser – 0411 643 863

“O you who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is men and stones (that were worshipped), over it are appointed angels stern and severe, who disobey not the Commands they receive from Allah, but do that which they are commanded. ” (Al-Tahrim66:6)

Please see the link of our last marriage course being held at Agora Theatre Latrobe Uni in late 1990s

ymapodmatic marriage course

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