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You may download part 2 of this lecture in various formats below:

The seventh fard is “To consume only Halal Foods and Drinks”.

Eating is a basic requirement of every human being. Eating can be classified as fard, wajib, makruh (disliked), 
mustahab (preferable), mubah (permissible) and haram. It is obligatory upon every Muslim to acquire knowledge about 
what constitutes halal and haram food. In the second part of this topic, Ustadh Mahmud explains the categories 
of plants and animals that are permissible to eat. 

The series of lectures entitled 54 Fara’id, delivered by Ustadh Mahmud A. Kürkçü, covers the basics of Islam as 
enumerated by the great Imam of the tabi’een, Hasan Al-Basri(rh). It is incumbent upon every Muslim to be aware 
of and put these basic principles into practice in their daily lives.

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