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Fard 13: To repent (Tawbah) on a regular basis.

Tawbah is going back from desire to sin with the determination of not returning to it, in exaltation of Allah and out of fear of His punishment (Imam Barkawi, the great Ottoman Hanafi faqih). Tawbah happens when a person feels guilt in his heart.  What are the four minimum conditions for Tawbah? What does ‘Taubatun Nasuha’ mean? This video teaches us how we can purify our heart of sins and turn back to Allah s.w.t sincerely.

The series of lectures entitled 54 Fara’id, delivered by Ustadh Mahmud A. Kürkçü, covers the basics of Islam as enumerated by the great Imam of the tabi’een, Hasan Al-Basri(rh). It is incumbent upon every Muslim to be aware of and put these basic principles into practice in their daily lives.


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