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Fard 12: To show Patience (Sabr) at the first instance, when faced with hardships and calamities.

Sabr is restraining ourselves from getting agitated and not complaining when a calamity hits us. Sabr is obligatory on every Muslim to practice. Allah s.w.t gives endless rewards to a person who practices Sabr when faced with a hardship.

Ustadh Mahmud explains the difference between patience (Sabr) and forbearance (Tahammul). Along with explaining the types of Sabr, he shares beautiful stories of how our pious predecessors practiced Sabr.

The series of lectures entitled 54 Fara’id, delivered by Ustadh Mahmud A. Kürkçü, covers the basics of Islam as enumerated by the great Imam of the tabi’een, Hasan Al-Basri(rh). It is incumbent upon every Muslim to be aware of and put these basic principles into practice in their daily lives.

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